This adventure of farming began for us while we were living in the Midwest.  While, living in the Midwest is sometimes an adventure of its own (especially due to extreme weather conditions), we wanted to venture back to where our real adventure was.  And in our hearts, that adventure was back in the Northwest where we grew up.  As we were planning and preparing, we came up with a farm name that we thought would fit us well;  Red Bridge Farm.  Many hours were spent lazily walking around our small acreage of land in Kansas.  And that lazy stroll always took us over a small red bridge that crossed our small pond.  This was where the dream began.  Not far away from this red bridge was our quaint, yet energetic bunch of hens, who delighted us with their unique personalities.  We were thankful for their nutritious eggs, bug patrol (the insect population in Kansas is enormous!),  and we were grateful for the way their lives made our life more simple.  We wanted to continue this simple way of living on a more permanent and all-encompassing scale. By “simple”, maybe I mean “slower, less complicated, basic and meaningful.”  We wanted to raise chickens in their most natural state.  We wanted to have our own garden.  We wanted to work hard, get our fingernails dirty, play in the creek, enjoy the mountains, watch birds at the feeder, and raise our children in this environment.  So, to make a long story a little bit longer, we found some land in Colville and began this journey of the “simple” (I am not saying “easy”!) life.  We invited our good friends, Andrew and Brittanie Kumor to start this farm with us and so with anticipation and excitement, we set out for Washington.  It has been one year and we’ve accomplished and learned a great deal!  And have enjoyed all of it.  Sadly, our friends need to return to be near their families.  Sometimes it is just better and more important to share this short life with family nearby, especially when family needs each other.  God is our provider and we believe he’s provided us with this opportunity.  God is our Savior and he daily supplies us with love, strength, and grace to tackle each day.  Thank you to everyone, locally and distant, who have supported us in so many ways this past year!  We can honestly say, we wouldn’t be here if you didn’t believe in us or in what we are doing. 

Brad and Bekah Murphy