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Premium Swine Feed

Our feed will produce a high quality animal hitting weight goals on time without the use of corn or soy. Not only that, but it will produce pork with flavor unlike any other. Our market customers rave about the flavor of the pork chops and drool over our bacon. Raise your pigs on our feed and you won't be disappointed.

When we make our feed, our mission is to empower you with a resource to help you raise healthy pigs with high-caliber meat.

We begin by sourcing all of our ingredients close to home, with many of them coming directly from farms here in Stevens County. We then add all our ingredients into our grinder/mixer, meticulously preparing each batch of feed for your animals.

                                                                           Why Probiotics?

Beneficial bacteria added to the diet aid digestion and nutrient absorption resulting in faster growth and better overall health. Direct fed microbials also replenish the beneficial bacteria flora, those "good bacteria" which directly compete with destructive or harmful pathogens such as Coccidia, E. coli and Salmonella spp. Excess beneficial bacteria are excreted in the manure where they help correct the balance of bacteria in the litter. -Feeding Pasture-Raised Poultry by Jeff Mattocks

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Premium Swine Feed: Product


16% Protein
40lb- Finish 
100% Non-GMO

A Complete Ration. No need to supplement anything!

Barley, Peas, Wheat, Canola Meal, Canola Oil, Vitamins and minerals, Probiotics, Enzymes.

Probiotics and enzymes added, aiding in better digestion of the grains, better absorption of the nutrients and overall better health of your pigs.

Enhanced with raw Cold Pressed Canola Oil, rich in Omega 3's and energy.

We grind this feed in our small size to help the pigs digest more of the grains. Rather than it just passing through the animal as waist.

Disclaimer: If you chose to mix our complete ration with other grains to stretch it out, you will see lesser results. This is a complete ration and will provide your pigs everything they need to grow.

Premium Swine Feed: Welcome
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