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Included: Part A, Part B, 100mil Measuring cup, 1 Tbs Measuring cup.

Note: Pump not included. 


Designed to support your Equine's Topline development, gastrointestinal health, joint health, cardiovascular health, coat health and immune system functionality.


Use as a top dressing supplement with your current feed. 


Pressed and infused in Kettle Falls, WA.


​How we make our Cavalry Oil:

We start by sourcing our Non-GMO seed from local farms. Our presses are cold expellers, meaning they crush seed through mechanical force in order to expell the oil from the seed. We do not add chemicals or extra heat to aid in the extraction process. Our oil is considered virgin, as it is always the first pressing of the seed.


What all this means for you is that our oil is the most nutrient dense and as fresh as possible.   We press local Non-GMO canola seed in small batches. Therefore, you can always count on receiving the freshest oil available for your horses.



Part A - Non-GMO, cold expeller-pressed, virgin canola oil. 


Part B- Certified Organic Atlantic Kelp; boasting over 60 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support your horse's Topline and overall health.


Metabolizing quickly, Cavalry Oil parts A and B provide your horse with over 700 cool energy Calories per serving helping to maintain peak performance without generating large amounts of heat.


With millions of added probiotics, Cavalry Oil promotes better nutritional absorption and better digestion of the feed you’re currently using. This means your horse utilizes their feed better and wastes less out the back end.


Additionally, Cavalry Oil boasts a 1-2.5 omega 3-6 profile, claiming one of the best omega profiles on the market. Balanced omega fatty acids aid in joint health, heart health, coat health and immune system functionality.


Gain the edge you're looking for with Cavalry Oil. Expertly blended to help your horse run farther, pull harder and look their best while doing it.


Ride to Victory with Cavalry Oil!

Cavalry Oil A+ B Pack

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