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"Winter Ration"

16% Protein
For Laying Poultry

100% Non-GMO


Our Premium Poultry Layer Pellet "WINTER RATION" is specially made for the colder seasons. It contains the perfect blend of proteins and fats to keep your hens healthy and comfortable throughout the winter months.


Our feed also has increased levels of Methionine, a vital amino acid, to help your birds grow healthy feathers during their winter molt.


You can trust our NON-GMO, Corn and Soy Free Livestock feed mill to provide your birds with the best nutrition possible. Try our Winter Ration today and see the difference in your hens' health and productivity.


-Designed and specifically formulated for the Pacific Northwest. 


Ingredients: Wheat, Whole Peas,  Canola  Meal, Camelina Meal, Calcium Carbonate, Alfalfa, Oyster shell, Raw Canola Oil,  Vitamin/Mineral Mix Probiotics and enzymes added, aiding in better digestion, better absorption of the nutrients and better overall health of your birds.

Enhanced with our Cold Pressed raw Canola Oil rich in Omega 3's.
Oyster shell added so you don't have to!

Premium Poultry Layer Pellet "WINTER RATION"

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  • 18% Protein

    For Laying Poultry

    Made with 100% Non-GMO


    Wheat, Whole Peas, Canola Meal, Camelina Meal, Calcium Carbonate, Alfalfa, Oyster shell, Raw Canola Oil, Vitamin/Mineral Mix Probiotics and enzymes added,